sustainable farming practices

2013-03-05 15.27.43We strive to use all organic farming practices even though we are not certified. We at  Greenville Farms believe that our farming practices impact the soil and the water as well as the health of our family and the quality of the food we can provide to our customers. On our farm we cultivate many different types of vegetables and fruits which are rotated between fields to enrich the soil and help prevent  disease and pest outbreaks.  No chemical pesticides are used. We only use pest control options that are approved under organic rules.

Greenville Farms chickens are treated humanely and are well cared for.  They are permitted to carry out their natural  behaviors, such as grazing, rooting or pecking and are fed a natural diet appropriate for the type of animal. Our chickens have shelter and a quarter acre that is theirs to explore with grass, a wooded area and the hen house. Unfortunately due to coyotes and other predators in our area, we do have a fence to keep our chickens within that quarter acre space but they have plenty of room to explore and forage. And we know you’ll see the difference in our eggs.

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