farm fresh tastes better

2013-02-28 14.08.16Farm fresh food has more vitamins and minerals than food that is sold in supermarkets.  The majority of supermarket produce ripens on its way to the warehouse in the truck rather than in the field and is bred for its ability to travel, not its taste. Eating even something as basic as a carrot when its fresh will rock your taste buds. As well as taste, fresher produce has a myriad of nutritional benefits that boost the health and well being of you and your family.

We at Greenville Farms cherish our close relationships with our customers. Having the opportunity to ask questions directly to the farmer means you know exactly what you’re getting and you may get to try something new! Exposure to new types of food, and preparation or preservation techniques can be invaluable experiences for both children and adults.

Just think of it, instead of eating supermarket produce that has been waiting in warehouses and preserved by chemicals or plastics, you could have fresher and nutritionally superior food picked for you.  If you feel like a picky eater, there is nothing better than eating the seasonal bounty that nature picked for us. Seasonal, farm-fresh food is as fresh and delicious as it gets.

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